Treatment Sessions

Your first session begins with a detailed consultation where you will be asked questions about your main complaint, other ailments, general health including sleep pattern and diet as well as your medical history.

It is useful to bring a list of any current medication. This in-depth consultation allows the practitioner to look at your “whole health picture” from a Chinese medicine perspective and devise a detailed treatment plan.

Most patients are then asked to come for a further 4-6 weekly treatments. 

Following this we will reassess your case and advise you on further treatment according to your individual needs. Quite often patients choose to continue with treatment to maintain their health. 

What to expect from treatment

The acupuncturist will select a number of acupuncture points at various sites on the body.

When the needles are inserted and stimulated the sensation felt is often described as a tingling or dull ache which lasts only a few seconds.

Depending on the location of the points and the condition being treated, some patients feel very little when the needles are inserted.

The needles may then be left in place for up to 15 minutes. During this time patients commonly experience a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Dumfries Traditional Acupuncture treatment


When performed by a fully trained acupuncturist, acupuncture is considered to be a very safe form of treatment and can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. 

What does treatment cost?

Consultation – up to 1hr 30mins    £65

Follow up sessions – 45mins         £50