“Having suffered from heavy painful periods for many years I thought had tried everything to help…until I made an appointment with Kirsty. I’ve gone from being confined to bed once a month with extreme pain, migraines and nausea to now being relatively pain free each month.
With regular and timed acupuncture sessions depending on my menstrual cycle I’m now able to live and work through something that had previously had me missing days out of my life.
I’m so thankful for acupuncture and would recommend it for treating period or hormone problems.”

“Fantastic treatment from Kirsty. I was at my wits end with menopausal symptoms and acupuncture was suggested. Kirsty was very welcoming and professional and very very knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone who is experiencing symptoms of peri menopause to contact Kirsty.”

“I wholeheartedly believe that it was because of Kirsty’s magic, visiting her prior to fertility treatment and then during my pregnancy that we finally got to meet our rainbow baby Theo. She is amazing at what she does.”
Nic Watson

“Traditional Acupuncture as a treatment for chronic lower back pain and sciatica has been a very positive experience. It has enabled me to reduce prescription medication and empowers me to have more control over pain.
Sessions are very empathetic and improve overall well-being.”
Linda McKay

“In 2002 I had a brain tumour removed (an acoustic neuroma), which left me with a severe facial palsy. This meant that I suffered debilitating headaches, stiffness and aching on the right-hand side of my face where muscles have been damaged. I was also left with a balance problem.
Acupuncture was recommended by a neighbour who had suffered a stroke and was left with similar problems. The treatment alleviates my headaches, loosens my jaw and facial muscles and helps with my sleep pattern. I had to take 8 pills 4 times daily because of headaches and balance, but now only take a pain-killer very occasionally. Acupuncture is a tremendous alternative to medication as I feel healthier and now am not affected by the drugs I had previously been prescribed.
My facial palsy is barely noticeable now and on my last visit to the Western General, when meeting my surgeon and patients, I recommended acupuncture as very worthwhile aftercare. My surgeon had originally told me that there would be no further recovery after a year; this has been proved wrong because of acupuncture.”
Cath Ramsay

“I was suffering with severe sciatica down my left leg and back which just started suddenly. Having been to the doctors and saw a physiotherapist I was prescribed pain killers and given some exercises to do. None of which seemed to be working and the pain was just as bad even after 2 weeks of struggling to walk and bending my legs and back.
So a friend suggested I try acupuncture which I had never experienced before.  I was recommended to Catriona Jennings to see if that would help my problem. After a few sessions the treatment made a real difference to the pain and my mobility. I am now almost pain free and have full mobility back in my leg and back. I don’t need to take any pain killers now and exercise is much easier.
Getting treatment from Catriona regularly has made a significant difference to my condition. Catriona was very methodical in her approach and mapped out the treatment plan. She is very professional and has a genuine caring nature and you always feel like you are in good hands. Catriona is very knowledgeable and experienced, and I would highly recommend her.”
Simon M, Retired, Lockerbie

“‘I have been suffering from peripheral neuropathy for 4 years and started seeing Catriona 9 months ago after recommendation from a friend. I have found Catriona to be very professional and knowledgeable and very through in assessing my problems to investigate the causes. Her treatment has been very good in treating the pain. I never feel rushed but leave feeling fully relaxed with a great reduction in pain and discomfort. I have been able to keep pain medication at a minimum.
I have also been able to greatly reduce my pain medication for arthritis, from  come which I also suffer. The reduction in pain means I am able to continue my hobby of walking and get a good, pain free nights sleep.”
Pam F