Kirsty Hodgson

“I graduated from Salford University with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in complementary medicine practice in 2001 and have worked at Lochthorn Medical Centre since then. I have also recently set up an acupuncture practice in Carlisle at the Skin Genie Clinic. 

My appreciation of acupuncture lies in its ability to treat the person and not just the problem. Acupuncture has enabled me to look at the bigger picture and deal with the root cause of people’s ailments as opposed to only addressing the symptoms. 

I feel that one of the strengths of Traditional Acupuncture is that there is no mind-body split. In other words, the physical, emotional and mental aspect of health are seen as interdependent with one influencing the other. In Traditional Acupuncture we treat the whole person, with mental and emotional well being equally as important as physical health.

I find it a rewarding and fulfilling career and enjoy helping people to overcome their difficulties to regain better health.

During my first 15 years of clinical practice I worked with the NHS treating patients with chronic pain who hadn’t responded to conventional therapy. This gave me invaluable experience and much of my work today involves helping people to control pain caused by a wide variety of conditions.

For the past 20 years I have used acupuncture for the care of patients with progressive illnesses such as cancer and regularly update my training in palliative care. I work closely with the Macmillan centre to help women recovering from breast cancer overcome the side effects of endocrine therapy. 

I have special interest in the use of acupuncture to promote women’s health where the focus is hormonal problems. Hormones play a key role in women’s lives and hormonal balance is important as women make the transition from puberty to menopause. I use acupuncture to help women deal with issues surrounding pre-menstrual tension, period pain, peri menopause and the menopause. I also work with women who are preparing to have a family and are perhaps struggling with this. I have undertaken extensive training in acupuncture for fertility and IVF support with Zita West, a pioneer in this field. 

I continue to learn and develop my skills through regular CPD training and look forward to meeting and helping more people in clinic.”

Kirsty Hodgson Acupuncture - portrait
Kirsty Hodgson